"Fire Extinguishing Ball"- <FONT SIZE="6">Fire Extinguishing Ball </FONT SIZE>


Fire have caused much tragedy which sometimes results in both the loss of life and injuries. So, the inventor was inspired to create a devise which is both a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher. This is especially important in high buildings or other buildings located on streets too narrow to allow fire trucks access.

One great characteristic is that the devise works automatically. Only one ball is needed when the fire is 4 square meter or less and has only burned for 1 to 3 minutes. For a larger fire, 2 balls are thrown into the fire. If the fire is not extinguished within 3 seconds, 2 additional balls must be thrown into the fire.

When used, the Fire Extinguisher Ball produces a loud sound at a level of 110 dB which also makes it a fire alarm.

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